Lova Sleep 

We are guided by decades of technological know-how and experience. We go to bed early, and get up early in the morning. We always worked hard. Today, we work even harder. We observe you, listen to you, and understand you. Expert hands at work at every stage from design to manufacturing interpret each Lova as a masterpiece. We produce tailor-made options that go beyond expectations. We challenge established routines and rewrite the rules. As a result, we have stood out once again. We have shown our expertise.

We consider sleep quality as an indispensable part of quality of life! We have focused on your body's needs and offered you the most natural and healthiest sleeping environments. We have equipped Lova mattresses, on which you will spend a third of your life, with state-of-the-art sleeping technologies. We would never ask you to overspend your budget for a healthier and pleasant sleeping environment. Fine details, smart and boutique solutions for luxury... We would not call them a "privilege." We have not let ourselves fall into the "more production, more sales" trap like many other "good" brands, and we have never compromised on our commitment to offer you only the best. We are Lova.

Night and day, summer and winter... To be with you for your whole life, Lova is in the showrooms of Doğtaş, the undisputed expert of furniture, and Kelebek, Turkey's first furniture brand, at the same time with the rest of the world.