Doğtaş expanding in Africa

Doğtaş has brought the quality of Turkish furniture to numerous locations across the globe, exporting to more than 30 countries. It has recently opened another store in Africa. The company opened its first 850-square meter concept store in Kenya, its 51st overseas location and its 360th location.

Kiema Kilonzo, Ambassador of Kenya to Turkey, Ali Cemil Miroğlu, Ambassador of Turkey to Kenya, and many other guests attended the opening ceremony. 

Doğtaş brings convenience, comfort, and elegance to living spaces. The brand has now entered the Kenyan market with its wide range of products including sofa sets, dining rooms, bedrooms, youth furniture, and special mattresses. In 2018, Doğtaş is preparing for new investments in many markets, particularly in Africa.

Doğtaş offers its designs to customers in concept stores around the world. Its investment in Kenya was made possible through cooperation with the HomeArt Africa Limited company established by Turkish and Canadian businessmen in Kenya's capital, Nairobi. HomeArt Africa focuses on construction and decoration retailing. It aims to expand into this region with new stores in the coming period.

In the first quarter of 2018, Doğtaş will open new concept stores in Sudan, Zambia, Liberia, as well as in Lebanon, Kosovo, and Cyprus. 

Commenting on about Doğtaş's new store in Kenya, Doğtaş CEO Ersin Serbes said "Our strategy in 2018 is to grow in developing countries, to expand in Africa, and to penetrate the East markets. This year we want to become stronger in existing markets, and expand into new markets. We also aim to open more than 20 new concept stores abroad. We focus specifically on cooperating with investors who will carry our industry forward, and can properly represent our brands. We also carefully evaluate all applications from investors around the world. It is a pleasure for us to have entered the Kenyan market. We made an astounding start with our business partner, HomeArt Africa. We look forward to making new investments in the coming days. This year our export targets are high".  

Doğtaş Exclusive Address:

Parklands Road 18. Sclater’s House Westlands Nairobi Kenya